Joe Geddes

Joe Geddes


I’m an expert in the design, analysis and prototype development for optical devices and subsystems.  My goal is to forge a close collaboration with my clients to scope projects on the R side of the R&D spectrum, use modeling and design to reduce technical risk, and accelerate the progress to the point where my clients can build a prototype. I use techniques such as ray tracing, finite-difference time domain, and rigorous coupled wave analysis, among others.

Because of my love of the marriage of theory, design, and building/proving new ideas at the bleeding edge, I’m often working in areas such as energy, biomedical devices, and manufacturing, and I am open to other applications. Straightforward design or analysis projects can be an important part of scientific and technological progress, too.   I find that regardless of project complexity, my approach of using mathematical modeling and doing targeted experiments can reduce the amount of trial and error my clients need to do in the lab, helping accelerate their project and maximize their budget.

While I love the excitement of modeling new, seemingly impossible technology, I have a calm and methodical personality embodied in a project documentation compulsion that I harness to my clients’ advantage.   This includes clear communication during the project, as well as technical documentation from high level summary slides to the detailed technical report I provide.

While most of my experience is with optics or optics materials projects, I am also seeking projects for designing and modeling multi-physics systems such as optomechanics or optofluidic MEMS.

To explore how design, modeling, creativity, clear communication, and aggressively detailed documentation could accelerate your optics project, contact me.

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